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EAO Service Team

Service from Belgium for your motorbike and lugage to strat and finish from the 24 hours of Tirana Albania.

Motorbike < 550cc : 999€

Motorbike > 550cc : 1250€

Quad : 1500€

SSV : 1750€

Inclusif this price:

 Entry fee 24 hours race

Transport vehicule and 2 box 80x45x35cm Belgium / Tirana / Belgium

EAO service 24 hours race

Mechanic Back upp

Drinks, snacks, smal meals during the race.

Not inclusif:

Fuel, hotels, insurance, flight

Everithing that is not written in included.


Full mechanic support

Hotel booking

Flight booking

Info and booking:

Martin Fontyn

Phone: 0032 0 487638060

Entry document

 concept 04

 Rally2018 Schild DEF LowRes






 MDC 2018


From 14 t/m 22 april 2018

In April 2017, the first Morocco Desert Challenge was launched with as many as 500 participants & organizers.

IMG 3739

EAO service:

Also in 2018, the EAO rally team will provide service for riders of this rally.

A must for everyone, nice slopes and good catering provide a top organized rally.

The EAO service team is one of the most organized teams in the rally world.

We keep an eye on every detail and are on the go with the best materials and mechanics.



Nationale presentaties:
In mid-September 2017, they start each year with a series of national presentations, featuring the new route, race rules, categories and participants to rally fans. Detailed info will follow shortly by mail, website and Facebook, but put the following dates in your agenda:

Belgium (Flanders): <> ... Soon

The Netherlands: <> ... Soon

IMG 8064
De Route:
Marokko cross-country / from coast to coast
Libya Rally will also be the only real cross-country rally in Morocco next year. The big success of the last edition (500 pilots & mechanics) made 1 trent clear: Rally drivers do not want to drive round the dunes of Merzouga for seven days. The South to North route, 7 stages, 7 new bivouacs, 7 totally different areas of Agadir on the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Nador on the Mediterranean. Beautiful alternate slopes and landscapes, every day again.

The technical inspection and the start take place in Agadir. This cozy resort is strategically a very interesting location (many flights, good hotel, beautiful bivouac and easily accessible).

We will finish again on the beach next year, this time in Saïdia, about 50 km from Nador. From here daily boats leave Spain and France, making the trip for the tired pilots and mechanics a lot shorter and more pleasant.

The details of what will happen between Agadir and Nador keep us silent at the national presentations, but as always, it's a new course with really everything: fast slopes, technical pieces, wide african plains, dunes, salt lakes, new Unprecedented tracks, legendary Dakar slopes and so much more. More info will follow soon.

 Route 2018 coming soon
 MDC route 2018
Professionalization and Security: GPS Unique & Sentinel
Libya Rally has undergone major evolution during the past 7 editions. What started in Libya as a tiny rally of 60 participants, usually ordinary cars and enduro engines, all without assistance teams, has become an internationally respected rally / raid with more than 500 participants and assistants spread across different categories, complemented more Than 100 people crew.

Every year we notice that the level of drivers is rising and it is therefore a challenge to meet the requirements of the participant / customer as an organization. At logistics and medical level, we have proven to be able to grow through additional investments (many doctors, helicopters, sweeper trucks, a large catering team, etc.). At the sporting level, the "next step" was implemented in 2015 with the introduction of GPS UNIK and Sentinel. Also in 2018 we choose this option.

Rally / Raid for each level: 4 options
1. Categorie 1 – “Rally Pro”
2. Categorie 2 – “Rally Adventure”
2. Categorie 3 – “Discovery – Raid”
3. Categorie 4 – Assistentie & VIP
All about these 4 categories can be found in the section "4 options". See Libya rally website.
IMG 3845
EAO Service pakket:
MDC prijs tabel engl 2018 
Sign Up <30/06/2017 = 200 € Discount *
* Valid for the first 5 applications

Prices for SSV and Quads on request.

Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060
IMG 3817 IMG 3809
IMG 3729 IMG 3738
IMG 3715 IMG 3718
IMG 3718 IMG 3723
IMG 3712 Libya Rally 2015 054
Libya Rally 2015 077 Libya Rally 2015 motorbikes quads 077
Libya Rally 2015 085 Libya Rally 2015 084
IMG 8168


Albanië Rally 2018




 Albania rally Trailer



From 09 June to 16 June 2018



The Rally:

In 2018, the Albania Rally is ready for its 14th edition.

It's a super beautiful rally with varied course.

Fairly technical and medium heavy rally.

In 2018, Day 3 is a marathon stage.

By the end of the third day all vehicles must be in a closed park.

There are huge various routes, of gravel, beaches, mountain trails, etc.

The EAO Rally Team will also propose an assistance service package in 2018.

Check out our custom rates for 2018 and you will see that the Albania rally is the most budget-friendly rally in its class.



De Route: For 2018 the route is still unknown.



This is a general agenda and may still be modified.
The final program will be communicated to you 30 days before the start.
IMG 4547 IMG 3657

For who:

It is a license free rally, anyone with a motor, quad or jeep and is in possession of a driver's license can participate. The rally is for all level riders; From beginner to professional. Although most participants participate in a light enduro engine, there is also a class for the heavier engines and for women.

The motorbike, quad or jeep must be equipped with gps, roadbook and tripmaster. An action radius of 160km is sufficient.

IMG 4693 IMG 3658

Classe indeling: Classe pro / classe lite*

CLASS 1 (under 450) - All type of Bikes with engine volume under 450 cc
CLASS 2 (450-600) - All type of Bikes with engine volume between 451cc - 600 cc
CLASS 3 (over 600) - All type of Bikes with engine volume over 600 cc and with single cylinder.
CLASS 4 (bicylinder) - All type of Bikes with engine configuration with more than one cylinder and over 600 cc
CLASS 5 (veterans V1) - Any type of Bike with engine volume under 450 cc driven by an pilot born before 1 January 1966.
CLASS 6 (veterans V2) - Any type of Bike other than those included in Class 5 driven by an pilot born before 1 January 1966.
CLASS 7 (women) - Any type of Bike driven by an female pilot.
* Classe lite has the same classe distribution as in the Pro but the routes of lite classe are shortened.

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Service team EAO:

As always, we spoil our drivers after a hard day with a light lunch.

This is a pasta dish and delicious sandwish and sometimes a tasty tuna salad with homemade fries.

While our engineer gives service to your engine, you can enjoy yourself with that delicious bite and a fresh coke or beer.



EAO Team 2016 

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EAO Team 2017

IMG 4658


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 Price Motorbikes

Tabel Tuareg prijs GB

Registration Form EAO 

Price Quad, SSV, 4x4 car on request


Subscribe or more information:

Email to

Contact Belgium: Martin Fontyn (+32487638060)


Prijs Quad, SSV, 4x4 auto op aanvraag 




Join the EAO Team and get your free environment carpet

IMG 4448

 IMG 4583

IMG 4578

IMG 4579







Africa Eco Race 2018: Every night on RTL7

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Illyria2018 logo png


De Illyriaraid is aan zijn derde editie toe.

Ook de tweede Illyriaraid was een succes! Meer dan 160 rijders kwamen aan de start.

Motorfietsen, quads en ssv konden genieten van een wondermooie parcours.

Voor 2018 is Italië het land van start en finish.

Ook in 2018 zal de Illyriaraid weer 5 landen doorkruisen.

map18 en 2

De Illyriaraid is een organisatie van EAO (Martin Fontyn) en Motorcycle federation Albania (Edvin Kasimati).

Dit staat garand voor een top georganiseerde week.

Alle informatie kan je terug vinden op de site van de Illyriaraid zelf.

Site Illyria Raid 2018

home 2

EAO service pakket voor de Illyriaraid 2018

U kan bij EAO ook terecht voor een extra info en service.

Wat we bieden:

Het meenemen van uw Motor en bagage heen en terug.

Zo dat U rustig met het vliegtuig naar ginder kan vliegen.

IMG 4387


Bagage en motorfiets: 600€ < 30/08/2017 

Bagage en motorfiets: 700€ < 30/10/2017

Bagage en motorfiets: 800€ < 31/12/2017

Bagage en quad: 1000€ < 30/08/2017 

Bagage en quad: 1200€ < 30/10/2017

Bagage en quad: 1400€ < 31/12/2017

Organisation Team Illyria Raid 2017

IMG 4360


Mekanieker service binnen het EAO team 350€

Huur motorfiets KTM exc 2017/18 1250€

Huur navigatie opbouw (roadbook,tryp,sensor en bediening) 300€ huur 

Derde stuk bagage (kist of tas ) 100€

Motorfietsen van meer dan 550cc = + 150€ op de aanggeven prijs 



Bagage is twee kisten Pierre Henry (80x45x35) gratis bruikleen EAO.

Eventueel één kist en een sporttas van maximum deze afmetingen.(max 25kg stuk)!!!

Beperkte plaatsen boek tijdig uw plaats.

Prijs vlucht op aanvraag.

The bivak in 2017

IMG 4359

Voor meer info mail of telefoneer EAO.
Martin Fontyn
0032 0 487638060

IMG 4414 (5)

Illyria Raid 2018

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Illyria2018 logo png

Entry open:

Illyria Raid website

EAO service :


Tuareg Rally 2018

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From 03 march to 10 march 2018


In edition 2018 many new tracks are promised.

Mostly slopes with a technical character, so no kilometers of slopes with gas at 10 and mind at zero!

Beautiful winding slopes where the steering art plays an important role.

Through breathtaking scenery the slopes range from the center to the high Atlas to the dunes of the Erg Cheby.

Sinds 2017 we have also a Helicopter in the organisation.


Tuareg Rally is a rally for beginners in the Expert Class as well as for the advanced in the Pro Class.


Daily rides of 300 to 400 km of which there is almost no connection on asphalt.
A boys dream come true for a fair price? = Tuareg Rally driving.
Why Tuareg Rally:
  • The price
  • Minimum 1 helicopter
  • Bivaks with hotel accommodation
  • Top organization with > 18 years of experience
  • Professional medical assistance
  • Always new routes
  • EAO service team with 18 years Tuareg Rally experience
  • New in 2018 technical backup EAO team on the piste
  • Lots of dunes and sand in the Profi classes
  • Price quality the best!


Tuareg rally also for cars, quads, SSV and bugie's




DJI 0123



Daily routes are between 300 and 400km, 95% offroad and almost no liaison.


Hotel Saidia 14

EAO Catering:

  • Daily we deliver a light lunch to our riders on arrival in the bivouac.
  • Snacks and soda are included.
  • Daily water is provided for filling your camelbag.


EAO service with the well-known fries day! Self-made fries with delicious goulage are always a big success.



classes 2018

For who:

  • The Tuareg rally is suitable for beginner rally drivers in the Expert category and for experienced riders in the Pro category.


Allroad Raid classe


 IMG 2991


Also in 2018 Raid classe for Allroad bikes:

  • Also in 2018 EAO will follow the rally on the piste with an Allroad motorcycle for its customers.
  • Martin Fontyn will drive you in a limited group (max 10) riders partially on the slopes where the Tuareg Rally is present.

  • We sleep in the same hotels and experience the real feel of a rally.

  • Transport of your engine and luggage and participation in this Raid with EAO costs 2990 €

Inclusif in the price:

  • Motorcycle and luggage transport back and forth BE / NL ** Morocco
  • Hotel nights from 3 to 10 March 2018.
  • Flight back and forth.
  • Accompaniment of a professional driver (Guide)
  • Technical and medical assistance. (Helicopter)
  • ** For NL from IJmuiden / BE from Loenhout

Example motorbikes:

  • KTM Adventure, BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin, Yamaha Tenere, ect.


  • No Navigation Required Only Custom Tires You ride under the guidance of a professional

More info: 0032 0 487638060.



 IMG 3001 (Edited) (2)


July summer action
Sign up and pay < 31st of July 2017 = 400 € discount on our rate *


 * Only for the first 5 bookings

Fee Motorbikes:

Tabel Tuareg prijs GB

Inclusief in de Tuareg entry fee:




Fee auto quad en ssv :
  • On request:
tuareg17 21 03 0953 
tuareg17 21 03 0046 (1)
DJI 0009
Why with EAO:


  1. Simply the best.
  2. Professional team.
  3. Best materials.
  4. Free soda and lunch right after driving.
  5. We offer you the best for a fair price.
  6. Martin Fontyn manager of the EAO team (self-runner-up winner) is always on standby to help you where necessary.
  7. We have years of years (> 20 years) rally experience and know all the tricks of the subject.
With EAO you get better results! Do not be put off by the fact that there are also beginners in our group, who we do not neglect, on the contrary, we try to help them to become the winner one day.
We inform you from A to Z. Preparation, nutrition, building a motorcycle etc. You just ask us.
Any team with mechanical assistance on the piste! (Advantage at a marathon stage!). See picture


IMG 9361



  • The Tuareg Rally you can drive with any off-road motor that's ok to drive on public roads too.
  • A lightly converted enduro bike is recommended but not a must.
  • Fuel radius in this rally is 180km
EAO rentbikes always possible 
EAO and Martin Fontyn are already in the first Tuareg Rally and are happy to provide you with more information..
Martin Fontyn
Tel: 0032 0 487638060
Marokko raid 2017 from 11 to 18/10/2017
More info:


dakarchallenge 2017


from 1 november 2017 to 15 november 2017



On a good organised way with a limited group off-road to Dakar.
Accommodation in hotels and 2 times in tents.
More than 4500km off-road.
All perfectly arranged for a fair price.
Driving section on roadbook along the track.
Morocco / Mauritania / Senegal

IMG 4505

Dakar Challenge 2017 :

Good to know is that we (EAO) have organized this already three times.
We have our people in the three countries.
This ensures a smooth border crossing where all documents are approved from before.
With over 20 years experience in Africa (Martin Fontyn) you are in the hands of the better organization.
In Mauritania, our organization is guided by an official employee of the ministry of tourism.
In Senegal, we have our permanent staff and they will take care of,all shipping containers documents.
So no stress everything is taken care of.
Along the way we always stay in the best hotels of each spot.
In Dakar the bikes and luggage will be loaded into a container.
After approximately two weeks, the container will arrive in Antwerp.
When your belongings arrive you cann retrieve them from EAO.





Day 1 1 November 2017 Arival/Marokko  
Day 2 2 November 2017 Saïdia / Midelt 590 km
Day 3 3 November 2017 Midelt / Merzouga 420 km
Day 4 4 November 2017 Merzouga / Zagora 295 km
Day 5 5 November 2017  Zagora / Tata  320 km 
Day 6 6 November 2017  Tata / Assa  324 km 
Day 7  7 November 2017 Assa / Tan Tan  253 km 
 Day 8 8 November 2017  Tan Tan/ El-Aaiun  435 km 
 Day 9 9 November 2017  Day Off / Restday  0 km 
Day 10  10 November 2017  El-Aaiun / Dakhla   628 km
Day 11  11 November 2017  Dakhla /  Nouadhibou  425 km
Day 12  12 November 2017  Nouadhibou / Nouakchott  450 km 
Day 13  13 November 2017  Nouakchott / Saint Louis  320 km 
Day 14  14 November 2017  Saint Louis / Dakar 275 km 
Day 15  15 November 2017  Retour Europa 





  • Truck vehicle with luggage bivouac / camp
  • 4x4 pickup with mechanic on the track
  • 4x4 with doctor on the track
  • Motorcycles must be in top condition
  • Fitted with new tires with mousse
  • New chain and sprockets kit
  • Gasoline for at least 250km
  • Homologated to drive on public roads.
  • Equipped with insurance and registration

SANY0504 (Medium) (Small)

Equipment on the mororbike:

  • Camelbag 2 liter 
  • Additional 2 liters of water
  • First aid kit and emergency blanket
  • Mobile phone
  • Satellite phone (rental possible)
  • Owaka tracker (rentals available)
  • Lighter
  • Food, power bars and gels
  • Money and credit card
  • Full rally enduro equipment (harness, boots, gloves, helmet, vest, pants, goggles)
  • Small tools
  • Some small parts brake and clutch levers


IMG 7411 (Medium)

  • 2 boxes Pierre Henry 80x45x35cm

Extra Luggage:

  • Air filters for ingeoliet
  • Set of gears and chain
    Set to change tires on day off
    spare parts for choice
    spare clothes
    (Socks, pants, jacket, gloves, underwear ect)



Prijstabel engl

Including : 

  • Flight BE-NL / Morocco
  • Flight Dakar / BE-NL
  • 14 nights in hotels H / P 2 double bedroom
  • Route track Nador / Dakar
  • Backup as stated above
  • Repatriation of track to hotel
  • organization EAO
  • Start transport motor and luggage Saidia Morocco
  • Motor transport and luggage Dakar / Belgium
  • Motor insurance Mauritania
  • Motor insurance Senegal
  • EAO backup service
  • mechanic backup
  • Polo / tees / sweater

Not included :

IMG 6162

  • Mauritania visa
  • Satellite phone rental
  • Rent Owaka tracker
  • Repatriation hospital or home
  • drinks
  • gasoline
  • Lunch
  • All other expenses not specified in included
  • cancellation insurance
  • single room

 Required documents:

  • International passport
  • license
  • Travel insurance world (ADAC's top)
  • Mauritania visa
  • Proxy motorcycle organization
  • Money
  • Medication, if necessary,
  • Doctors medical certificate approval for this type of event.

Other commitments:

IMG 5988

  • Vaccinations ask your doctor

Options :

  • Rent Motor Price on request
  • single room
  • cancellation insurance (recommended)
  • extra hotel night in Dakar

Register via this link:

 Sign up here

More info :

  • Martin Fontyn
  • 0032 0 487638060

 Fore give you the best service

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In the service truck 

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Foto's edition 2011

Our Adventures

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From 03 march to 10 march 2018   In edition 2018 many new tracks are promised. Mostly slopes with a